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  • A container in which incense is burned, typically during a religious ceremony.

    ‘Fender, 52, carries it high over the ground and loose in his hands, like a priest holding the censer while dispensing incense in church.’
    • ‘Ash from incense censers, campfires and fireplaces can be used but I don't recommend them.’
    • ‘One further question… I now need to know where to get a good quality censer to burn incense in, and an oil lamp as well.’
    • ‘It gave the altarpiece an appearance similar to other religious objects made from precious materials, such as reliquaries, censers, patens, and chalices, reminding us of a concept known in economics as ‘substitute acquisition.’’
    • ‘The contents of the temple storehouse as given by the 883 Register indicate a majority of ritual goods such as urns, bowls, censers, and other altar implements.’
    • ‘Cue the parade of altar boys and priests singing, waving censers and bearing a ceramic Jesus high above their heads.’
    • ‘The Kyrie-Christe eleison, the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei are repeated three times in the course of a Low Mass and in addition, in the course of a High Mass, the censer is swung three times to waft incense over altar, servers and people.’
    • ‘The crumpling ash from the incense could be heard melding inside the censer.’
    • ‘This piece, also composed of scrap metal and recycled car and motorcycle parts, depicts a priest holding what appears to be a censer, commonly used in Catholic Mass.’
    • ‘The treasury has been converted into a bright little museum of censers, illuminated manuscripts and paintings.’
    • ‘The archangels carry the attributes of officiating clergy at the Mass of the Dead, Michael the cross, Gabriel the censer, and Raphael the book.’
    • ‘A deep brown Yixing teapot featuring an ancient censer was said to have been made at the beginning of the 20th century.’
    • ‘The pewter censer spews the sweetest peppered scent.’
    • ‘They are swinging the censer, and through the perfumed smoke they chant together,’
    • ‘And when the younger man took a censer and I hoped that it was almost over, sounds of fighting came from outside.’
    • ‘Behind the pair, an old man followed, swinging a censer in their wake.’
    • ‘On either side are two triangular spaces, with St Gabriel swinging a censer on the right and St Michael offering his sword, on the left.’
    • ‘If you're wondering what to do in that pottery class you signed up for, a censer is a brilliant project.’
    • ‘It seems to show the wing of an angel swinging a censer, and the head of another angel with its halo.’
    • ‘Your censer empty by your side has lost its scent and lies askew for other worshippers to fill again.’



/ˈsensər/ /ˈsɛnsər/


Middle English from Old French censier, from encensier, from encens (see incense).