Definition of centaurea in English:



  • A plant of a Eurasian genus that includes the cornflower and knapweed. Several kinds are cultivated for their bright flowers.

    Genus Centaurea, family Compositae

    ‘A new strain of Marguerite centaureas has a better form and more substance to the blossoms.’
    • ‘The tender centaureas are valued for summer bedding on account of their pure silvery or bluish tinted white foliage.’
    • ‘If you are sowing in spring, it's a good idea to make more than one sowing of the annuals because centaureas are not long-blooming plants.’
    • ‘Many of the centaureas make good cut-flowers, but I like this one especially.’
    • ‘Of the perennial clumping centaureas, the best is Persian Bachelor Buttons.’



/senˈtôrēə/ /sɛnˈtɔriə/


Modern Latin based on Greek kentauros ‘centaur’ (see centaury).