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center forward

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Soccer Hockey
  • (in sports) an attacker who plays in the middle of the field.

    ‘He did not have a traditional center forward, his wingers were tall, quick and skillful, his central midfielders aggressive ball-winners.’
    • ‘I think centre halves are more aggressive than say, a centre forward, and if the ball is there to be headed then you will go and head it, no matter who is in the way.’
    • ‘In front of him the team consists of two banks of three players - three guards in defence and two wingers and a centre forward in attack.’
    • ‘Too often in this tournament, the Portuguese center forward has tended to drift wide or into midfield, depriving the team of an offensive terminus.’
    • ‘Many people regard him a trend setter for he was the first centre forward to fall back to help the defence.’


center forward

/ˈsen(t)ər ˈˌfôrwərd/ /ˈsɛn(t)ər ˈˌfɔrwərd/