Definition of centerfold in English:



  • 1The two middle pages of a magazine, often taken up by a single illustration or feature.

    ‘pull-out-and-keep centerfolds on superior quality paper’
    as modifier ‘a centerfold poster’
    • ‘It was the centerfold layout of the magazine, blown up to poster size.’
    • ‘She shook her head, ‘I specifically told her I could finish the centerfold layout for the magazine tonight.’’
    • ‘The page after the centerfold reproduction includes some suggestions for using the reproduction in the classroom.’
    • ‘The page before the centerfold, ‘Classroom Use,’ includes information and ideas about how to use the Clip & Save Art Print in the classroom.’
    • ‘As usual, the centerfold of the magazine will be occupied with a large, full-color reproduction of an artwork suitable for display on a classroom wall.’
    • ‘The page before the centerfold includes information and ideas about how to use the Art Print in the classroom.’
    • ‘My son is the UCLA men's golf coach, and his team was featured in the centerfold.’
    • ‘In the spot, a man licking beer he spilled on a magazine centerfold is caught by his wife and mother in-law.’
    • ‘He reads Playboy, which I don't really mind because I am very confident regarding my appearance; however, he has at least two of the centerfold posters on his wall!’
    • ‘Each issue of Horse Illustrated, for example, has a centerfold with the Breed of the Month and a last page called ‘The Gallery,’ featuring pictures of horses sent in by their owners - mostly women.’
    • ‘This edition includes The Firebird as its centrefold story.’
    • ‘I'm just a regular jackassed geek and really not worthy of a centrefold spread.’
    • ‘Covers, centerfolds, and ads ripped from glossy magazines such as Ebony and Sports Illustrated blanket every available inch of wall and ceding space.’
    • ‘What's weird is when you do appearances and guys and gals bring their magazines and say, ‘Please sign on the centerfold.’’
    • ‘One expects to find a centerfold pop-up of Bush hugging a puppy.’
    • ‘‘The centerfold shot is very, very nice,’ said Jeff Cutler, marketing director for Reef.’
    • ‘Elle laid out the centerfold layout with a flourish on the table in the Lit magazine office.’
    • ‘Willis mimes the act of unfurling a centrefold.’
    • ‘An addition this time to her print offering is a centrefold that explains the basic dance poses and mudras.’
    • ‘As we enter the basement of Gary's house, the first thing I see are centerfolds pinned to the walls.’
    1. 1.1An illustration on the two middle pages of a magazine, typically a picture of a naked or scantily clad model.
      • ‘I have no great picture of her to link because I am out of town in San Francisco and all the pictures I have are the naked librarian Playboy centerfolds I got in email a few days back.’
      • ‘But now that you mention it, yes, one particularly nasty piece of business does stand out like a quarter-sized hairy mole on the airbrushed cheek of a Playboy centerfold.’
      • ‘He wouldn't wince, not even when you pursed your lips in a pose worthy of a centerfold (of what magazine, you weren't sure).’
      • ‘It simply becomes impossible for women to be equally competitive in sports that include female athletes as centerfolds, spread-eagled and airbrushed, in the middle of every player's official rule book.’
      • ‘Considering one of the postcards she's sent contains an image worthy of a Penthouse centrefold, I'm amazed they weren't censored by Australia Post too.’



/ˈsen(t)ərˌfōld/ /ˈsɛn(t)ərˌfoʊld/