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(British centimetre)
  • A metric unit of length, equal to one hundredth of a meter.

    ‘The same numbers apply if I measure distance in miles or centimeters or any other unit.’
    • ‘Individual coal balls range from a few centimetres to over a metre in length.’
    • ‘Squid come in all sizes, from a centimetre to over a metre in length, and the life cycles of different species vary greatly.’
    • ‘The oddest thing was losing the feet and inches and changing to metres and centimetres.’
    • ‘The sari is a length of cloth measuring from about four to eight metres by about 120 centimetres.’
    • ‘He says such a pen is just two metres long by 60 centimetres wide, with a concrete floor and no bedding.’
    • ‘Beds of magnesite range in average thickness from five centimetres to five metres.’
    • ‘Sand volcanoes range in diameter from a few centimetres to several metres.’
    • ‘Hazel cut off a strip of the sheet about twenty centimetres wide and a metre long.’
    • ‘The line of tiles was running off at a tangent by a centimetre every metre.’
    • ‘The architecture of the lower lava sequence is now discussed on the centimetre to metre scale.’
    • ‘The water table is hurtling down not by centimetres or inches but, hold your breath, metres!’
    • ‘Patches can range from a few millimetres to a few centimetres in size.’
    • ‘Shoot length was measured in centimetres, from the base to the top, using a fabric tape measure.’
    • ‘Again and again he did so, a little bit at a time, improving his own record by a centimetre here and a centimetre there.’
    • ‘Their bodies measured about 15 centimeters in length and they had long tails.’
    • ‘The young, which are about a centimetre in length, feed on their reserves for the first few days of life.’
    • ‘Her fingernails were of medium length, about four centimeters long, and she had painted them dark purple.’
    • ‘Providing measurements of birds in both inches and centimeters was a very good idea.’
    • ‘The biggest sapphires found there range up to three centimetres in length and about half a centimeter in diameter.’



/ˈsen(t)əˌmēdər/ /ˈsɛn(t)əˌmidər/


Late 18th century from French centimètre (see cent, metre).