Definition of central casting in English:

central casting

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  • An agency or department that supplies actors for minor, usually stereotypical or generic film roles.

    ‘Lynch is a mild, methodical guy, a bureaucrat from central casting’
    • ‘a couple of hammy doctors straight from central casting’
    • ‘I had no desire to be someone out of central casting for the current hit movie The Forty Year Old Virgin.’
    • ‘She seemed to have been sent from central casting.’
    • ‘They weren't - I didn't get them from central casting, no matter what you've read.’
    • ‘The baddies are right out of central casting, eccentric to the hilt.’
    • ‘It hurts that his character is a rich suburban dad from central casting, written as flat as possible in order to maximize the contrast with his explosive moment of violence.’


1940s from the name of the US organization Central Casting Corporation.