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  • 1In or at the center; central.

    ‘centric and peripheral forces’
    • ‘‘The 1991 elections created a sociological mistake by expressing a potential for a centric option because of an artificial division between left and right parties,’ added Dimitrova.’
    • ‘Facts such as the proportion of a book page, the printing in clear black ink on good white paper, the traditional harmony of centric design.’
    • ‘The galloping, tinny, insistence of the entering drumbeat complements the solid but unobtrusively centric anchoring provided by Robert Donne's bass - minimal yet of maximum importance.’
    • ‘One very topical and centric is the show by sculptor Francisco Leiro at the National Gallery for Foreign Art, the second in the Spanish Art Abroad series to visit Sofia.’
    • ‘I write, as a Jewish reader of your blog, extremely concerned about your lengthy discourse, on a historically and geographically centric event which you attended.’
  • 2Botany
    (of a diatom) radially symmetrical.

    Compare with pennate

    ‘The diatoms were the most diverse and abundant assemblage of algae throughout the year at both stations, with the centric diatoms more abundant than the pennate species.’
    • ‘We did not identify Cyclotella meneghiniana Kuetzing in any of our samples despite lists which described C. meneghiniana as the dominant centric diatom present in the lake (Parson and Parker 1989a).’
    • ‘The planktonic centric diatom Actinocyclus nonnanhi was the primary vector of tracer nitrogen to benthic and water-column organisms.’
    • ‘Among the diatoms, there was a greater loss of pennate than centric diatoms.’
    • ‘Rapidly evolving reproduction-related genes are also found in a variety of other taxa, including centric diatoms, gastropods, abalone, and humans.’



/ˈsentrik/ /ˈsɛntrɪk/


Late 16th century from Greek kentrikos, from kentron ‘sharp point’ (see center).