Definition of centrifugal pump in English:

centrifugal pump


  • A pump that uses an impeller to move water or other fluids.

    • ‘Farmers are now suffering by having to use costly submersible pumps and replacing existing centrifugal pumps.’
    • ‘The best pumps to use with these products are diaphragm or centrifugal pumps because they will last much longer than other pumps.’
    • ‘Manure can be transferred to storage by gravity, piston pump, pneumatic pump, or centrifugal pump.’
    • ‘The locomotive-like compressors of early days have become elegant rotary centrifugal pumps.’
    • ‘Cloudy juice from the draining tank might well be moved by means of a centrifugal pump to the fermentation tank, and most of the semi-clear and clear wines being processed are also moved using these types of pump.’
    • ‘In Belfast he spent much time investigating the properties of whirling fluids, work which led to significant improvements in the action of blowing fans, to the invention of a centrifugal pump, and to important improvements in turbines.’
    • ‘A new generation of centrifugal pumps geared for the turf-irrigation market is available from Berkeley Pumps.’
    • ‘High-efficiency centrifugal pumps are also available for applications that are more demanding and require more gentle product treatment.’
    • ‘The LKH centrifugal pump has brought two key advantages to its users: the ability to maintain the pump simply and quickly in the field, thus increasing the customer's up time; and reducing the customer's maintenance cost.’
    • ‘The centrifugal pump allows cooling to occur by evaporation because a fine ‘mist ‘is developed due to the pump pressures created.’’
    • ‘The first, a 15-foot-long piece of curved pipe believed to be a casing for a centrifugal pump, had paint scuffs on it that matched the tanker's bottom paint.’
    • ‘The Cleveland-based ice cream maker had been using a standard centrifugal pump to unload cream from tanker trucks.’
    • ‘If you have a centrifugal pump check the discharge pipe to see if air is leaking in through the pump.’
    • ‘The tank has internal baffle reinforcements, a bottom loading system, a vapor recovery system, dual overfill prevention systems and an on-board diesel engine-driven centrifugal pump integrated with the self-load/off-load system.’
    • ‘We used the Swiftech-recommended Eheim 1046 centrifugal pump (which was purchased separately), but even today we are still searching for more of the appropriate piping to make the thing work.’