Definition of certificate of deposit in English:

certificate of deposit


  • A certificate issued by a bank to a person depositing money for a specified length of time at a specified rate of interest.

    • ‘Even a slightly higher interest rate on a certificate of deposit can boost your returns.’
    • ‘Falling interest rates have pushed rates on many certificates of deposit and money market funds - traditional sources of income for retirees - to below 2%.’
    • ‘But millions of people who rely on income from certificates of deposit and money market mutual funds would love an end to record-low rates.’
    • ‘What's the interest rate on a savings account, certificate of deposit and money market account?’
    • ‘Simply putting this money into a standard certificate of deposit at a neighborhood bank would earn 50 percent more.’
    • ‘The interest rate on certificates of deposit - averaging below 3 percent - could hardly get much lower, which suggests that people with assets to invest will look to equities or real estate.’
    • ‘This means you can't get paid for distributing cash held in a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit or money market account.’
    • ‘Because college costs have historically risen faster than inflation, the plans usually provide a better return than other low-risk investments, such as money market funds or certificates of deposit.’
    • ‘Place $20,000 of the refinance money in six-month certificates of deposit.’
    • ‘As a supplement to bonds, or as an alternative to them, some investors choose certificates of deposit or money market funds.’
    • ‘Some parents have shifted what's left of their portfolios into certificates of deposit or money market accounts.’
    • ‘Short-term bank certificates of deposit and money-market accounts still offer paltry yields.’
    • ‘For example, the average rate on a one-year certificate of deposit is now 1.73%, according to’
    • ‘If I take out certificates of deposit in my son's name and my name, and I pay all the income tax on the interest they earn, will the certificates of deposit become my son's property upon my death without having to go through probate?’
    • ‘And it's really worth taking a look at offers from Internet banks on the rates for certificates of deposit and home-equity credit lines, because they generally offer better deals than traditional banks.’
    • ‘John is deciding whether to deposit the amount to a certificate of deposit with post-tax assets or to make a pre-tax salary deferral contribution to his 401 account.’
    • ‘With the possible exception of the negotiable certificates of deposit, which is discussed subsequently, a deposit receipt does not constitute a negotiable instrument.’
    • ‘For purposes of the statements of cash flows, the Association considers all currency on hand, demand deposits with banks and certificates of deposit to be cash equivalents.’
    • ‘For example, in the early 1960s, a long time ago - practically forty years ago - the banks were allowed to issue negotiable certificates of deposit at market prices.’
    • ‘Financial assets include savings, bonds, certificates of deposit, stocks, mutual fund investments, retirement pensions, and the like.’