Definition of certified check in English:

certified check


  • A check that is guaranteed by a bank.

    ‘She accepts ‘no personal checks, no cashier's checks - only certified checks, only bank checks, always paid before the last performance.’’
    • ‘Cashier's checks or certified checks on the other hand clear right away because the bank sets aside the money in the account specifically for that withdrawal.’
    • ‘‘I had requested a certified check,’ he says, ‘and they sent me about 35 money orders.’’
    • ‘We picked up a certified check from our old landlady for the full security deposit.’
    • ‘Send a written request for the book in an envelope and enclose a certified check or money order in the amount of $16.00 (tax included) plus $3.85 shipping and handling.’
    • ‘Ray's wife, Teresa, issued the certified check to Bellini on Feb.22, 2000, shortly before the March 3 birth of Kerik's daughter, Celine.’
    • ‘He said that although he can get parts from OMG's warehouse, he must pay in advance by certified check.’
    • ‘The only ‘waiting period’ to buy a car runs from the time you pay for it (with cash, a certified check, or a loan document) to the time the salesman hands you the keys.’
    • ‘If you want, you can insist on cash, certified check or money order if you are concerned about a bad check or that the person may stop payment on the check after taking the horse away.’
    • ‘If you're not comfortable sending a certified check or money order to the seller, consider using an escrow service or paying for your item cash on delivery.’
    • ‘He'll be there tomorrow, he says, with a certified check.’
    • ‘We're just a pre-assigned time slot and a certified check to them.’


certified check

/ˈsərdəˌfīd CHek/ /ˈsərdəˌfaɪd tʃɛk/