Definition of cerulean in English:



  • Deep blue in colour like a clear sky.

    ‘images of cerulean waters and golden sands’
    • ‘She had turned to find a pair of clear, dark, cerulean blue eyes looking into her own amethyst ones from a face nearly as pale as her own.’
    • ‘Those pretty, crystal clear cerulean eyes of our mother's were burning holes into either side Liz's already flushed face.’
    • ‘He did wonder why they had those same cerulean eyes as clear as crystal.’
    • ‘Deep electric blue eyes; cerulean orbs, held him rooted to the spot.’
    • ‘She let the crimson sleeves of her dress drop to the polished floor as she stepped out of her room and leaned over the side, looking at the miles of cerulean water.’
    sky blue, azure, cobalt, cobalt blue, sapphire, cerulean, navy, navy blue, saxe, saxe blue, Oxford blue, Cambridge blue, ultramarine, lapis lazuli, indigo, aquamarine, turquoise, teal, teal blue, cyan, of the colour of the sky, of the colour of the sea


mass nounliterary
  • A deep sky-blue colour.

    ‘the background was painted in cerulean blue’
    • ‘She was slowly coloring the entire page in shades of aqua and cerulean, paralleling the ceiling above.’
    • ‘The eyes could be either as cold and sparkling as sapphires or as warm and limpid as the deep cerulean of the sea, or even, in certain moods, the misty blue of the mountains.’
    • ‘The water was an insipid hue of cerulean, the texture rough with salt to his sensitized skin.’
    • ‘Looking backwards at her, the steel-grey eyes flashed with a pulse of cerulean.’
    • ‘The sea steadily lost its ominous hue until finally relaxing into cerulean.’


Mid 17th century from Latin caeruleus ‘sky blue’, from caelum ‘sky’.