Definition of cervical smear in English:

cervical smear


  • 1British A test carried out on a sample of cells from the cervix to check for abnormalities that may be indicative of cervical cancer.

    • ‘Physical examination, cervical smears, transvaginal ultrasonography and mammography were performed at the first and last visits.’
    • ‘Through a payroll tax, everyone would receive free preventive care proven by scientific trials: childhood immunisations, cervical smears, mammograms.’
    • ‘A number of health checks are available, including breast examinations, cervical smears, blood testing, blood pressure and advice on other health-related issues.’
    • ‘We now use mannequins for testing competency at passing a speculum and taking cervical smears in our final examination, to ensure basic competency.’
    • ‘Though there is considerable expert scepticism about the diagnostic value of cervical smears and mammograms, this has done nothing to dampen demands to extend these programmes.’
    • ‘Of these women, 324 had had a cervical smear before diagnosis and their test results were re-examined.’
    • ‘Certain health issues, such as breast disease, cervical smears, the menopause and hormone replacement therapy, are of particular concern to women, and are discussed here.’
    • ‘Regular cervical smear tests will detect any abnormal cells before they become cancerous.’
    • ‘Abnormal cells found on the end of the cervix during a cervical smear test are generally at an ‘early warning’ pre-cancer stage, and do not cause any symptoms.’
    • ‘For us to define women in the subcohort as ‘cytologically normal’ we considered that they had to have a normal cervical smear result at or after the follow up examination.’
    • ‘An abdominal bimanual examination is recommended; do a cervical smear if it is due.’
    • ‘The anti-rejection drugs increase the risk of getting certain types of cancer, especially in the skin (avoid direct sunlight) and neck of the womb, so women should have regular cervical smears.’
    • ‘You don't need a cervical smear or internal examination to use the Pill.’
    • ‘Whitehead et al demonstrated megaloblastic changes in cervical smears of oral contraceptive users in the absence of general folate deficiency.’
    • ‘The maturation index of all the specimens, including cervical or vaginal smears, was determined, acknowledging that cervical smears are not the ideal specimens for hormonal assessment.’
    • ‘Their lateral vaginal wall smears and cervical smears were examined for hormonal and morphological assessments respectively.’
    • ‘From a government that swears it is reducing the number of targets, the campaign has produced a couple of new ones on bowel and breast cancer and on the time taken to return cervical smears.’
    • ‘The cervix is one of the common sites for cancer, hence the advisability of regular cervical smears.’
    • ‘In this study the cervical smear was prepared before the monolayer.’
    • ‘An unfortunate perception exists among healthcare providers and women who have sex with women that they do not need regular cervical smears.’
    1. 1.1A sample of cells collected from the cervix for testing.


cervical smear