Definition of cervoise in English:


Pronunciation /sɛːˈvwɑːz/


  • Ale, beer.

    In later use only with reference to various kinds of beer brewed or consumed in French-speaking countries.


Late 15th century; earliest use found in John Skelton (c1460–1529), poet. Originally (i) from Anglo-Norman and Middle French cervoise beer from classical Latin cervesia (in post-classical Latin also cervisia) beer, apparently from an unattested Gaulish derivative formation from the reflex (with different ablaut: e-grade) of the Celtic base of Gaulish curmi, Early Irish cuirm, Old Welsh curum (Welsh cwrw, †cwrf), all in the sense ‘beer, ale’ (of uncertain origin, perhaps further related to classical Latin cremor thick juice made by steeping or boiling (e.g. barley)) + a suffix of uncertain identity (perhaps reflecting an extension of the Celtic base + a cognate of classical Latin -ia).