Definition of cestus in English:



  • A belt or girdle, especially one worn by a bride in ancient times.

    • ‘Her girdle or cestus conferred magic beauty on the wearer.’
    • ‘The cestus of Venus, the lute of Apollo, we never could find; but there was sweeter loot in the sack of Olympus, and our cellars are not yet quite empty.’
    • ‘He ridiculed a beautiful cestus, or clasp of brilliants and emeralds.’
    • ‘He fastened with his own hand this rich cestus upon the person of the lovely tourist.’
    • ‘If she spoke rustic Greek instead of bad English, and wore a cestus in place of an ill-fitting corset, you'd swear she was a goddess.’
    girdle, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth


Mid 16th century Latin, from Greek kestos ‘stitched’.