Definition of cetyl alcohol in English:

cetyl alcohol

Pronunciation /ˌsētl ˈalkəˌhäl/ /ˌsitl ˈælkəˌhɑl/


  • A waxy alcohol occurring in feces and esterified in spermaceti and wool wax. It is used in cosmetics and as an emulsifier.

    Chemical formula: CH₃(CH₂)₁₅OH

    • ‘A new agent promoted for osteoarthritis treatment is cetyl myristoleate, a material synthesized from cetyl alcohol and myristoleic acid.’
    • ‘Suppositories with a cetyl alcohol content higher than 40%, however, were not deformed at body temperature.’
    • ‘Compounds which function as wetting agents, such as, for example, pharmaceutically acceptable detergents and cetyl alcohols also are contemplated for use with the inventive formulations.’
    • ‘Emollients can include a host of ingredients from silicone oils to cetyl alcohols, cholesterol, mineral oil, silicone oils, vitamin E, some waxy esters and certain quaternary compounds.’
    • ‘Mossies and midges are attracted to the carbon dioxide and various cetyl alcohols you give off especially from your toes (hence excessive ankle biting).’


cetyl alcohol

/ˌsētl ˈalkəˌhäl/ /ˌsitl ˈælkəˌhɑl/