Definition of chaetognath in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkētäɡˌnaTH/



See Chaetognatha

‘Into the early 1990s most researchers and evidence suggested that the deuterostomes were composed of chordates, hemichordates, echinoderms, chaetognaths, and lophophorates.’
  • ‘On the other hand, one species of parasitic nematode can reach 13 meters in length - it parasitizes the sperm whale - and adult nematomorphs, chaetognaths, and some priapulids are also visible to the naked eye.’
  • ‘Perversely, they failed to include any sequences from rotifers, gnathostomulids, chaetognaths, or, in fact, anything that might actually be comparable to Acanthocephala.’
  • ‘In the cnidarians, chaetognaths, and ctenophores, the opaque gut wall was the surface measured.’
  • ‘Thus, characters shared by chaetognaths and chordates are only those shared by all triploblastic metazoans and resolution of affinities depends upon adopting a preferred hypothesis of relationship.’