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chain bridge

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  • A suspension bridge supported by chains rather than cables.

    ‘Moving along, visitors pass a kind of aquatic playground, with a chain bridge and cleverly designed kinetic water equipment for kids.’
    • ‘Follow the river for about three-quarters of a mile to a chain bridge.’
    • ‘The bamboo chain bridges they built, laid with boards, stretch up to 100 meters with no nails and piers being used.’
    • ‘The chain bridge is 157 m long and it hangs on two double chains which lead through two stone pylons on banks.’
    • ‘Lions Bridge was designed by the architect G. Tretter, one of the most prominent advocates of the early construction of chain bridges in the city.’
    • ‘Thangtong Gyalpo and his troupe of seven beautiful sisters then toured Tibet, raising money to construct a reputed fifty-eight iron chain bridges and a hundred and eight ferrycrossing stations.’
    • ‘No floods have occurred, and there are various kinds of bridges that lie across it, including ancient vine bridges, iron chain bridges and modern reinforced cement bridges.’
    • ‘Many traditional chain bridges were built in the Baglung-District along trails.’
    • ‘We demonstrate that our complexes are attracted via the formation of chain bridges and that this attraction can be tuned by changing the fraction of charged monomers on the tails.’
    • ‘However, its subsequent collapse, along with the failure of several other chain bridges, dampened interest in suspension structures for many years thereafter.’
    • ‘With unremitting efforts 'he built more than 40 chain bridges across the Yaluzangbu, the Lhasa and the Nianchu' not counting far more ferryboats and wooden bridges.’
    • ‘As soon as the information about the British innovation of building chain bridges spread over the European continent, Adamic joined the group of the first designers of such a bridge.’