Definition of chain of command in English:

chain of command

(also command chain)


  • A system in a military or civil organization by which instructions are passed from one person to another.

    • ‘Appeals may be taken only up the military chain of command.’
    • ‘The comments seemed to be a break in the organization's chain of command.’
    • ‘They stressed the importance of understanding finance, the abilities required to influence decisions, the need to establish a chain of command.’
    • ‘The old Air Force man doesn't take kindly to any breaches of the chain of command.’
    • ‘He said there's a lack of unified chain of command.’
    • ‘They've got to have a strong chain of command.’
    • ‘You need support from the Head of the Agency down the chain of command.’
    • ‘More importantly, survey data is manipulated by the chain of command.’
    • ‘Soldiers wishing to air their views through letters to the editor have access to the newspaper without using the chain of command.’
    • ‘Serious mistakes will be reversed up the chain of command.’
    • ‘The best advice I can give is keep going up the chain of command.’
    • ‘The teams are coordinated using a chain of command.’
    • ‘Determine how information can flow through the chain of command in both directions.’
    • ‘A friend named Jim is an executive moving up in the chain of command of a large corporation.’
    • ‘The medical organisation is now geared to assist the command chain in supporting individuals at risk.’
    • ‘A much more significant question is how far up the chain of command the corruption went.’
    • ‘Behind the progressive window-dressing, a one-way chain of command remains in force.’
    • ‘This sort of behavior is common especially in the military, an organization whose foundation is a command chain that rewards loyalty.’
    • ‘Other former officers believe that some blame lies further up the command chain.’
    • ‘But the real criminals are those further up the command chain.’