Definition of chainring in English:



  • A large cog carrying the chain on a bicycle, which is attached to the crank.

    ‘I constantly mix and match all kinds of different cranks and chainrings on my four road bikes, two of which are Shimano 9-speed and two of which are Campy 10-speed, and I have never had any problems.’
    • ‘Most interesting is its use of Airo Instrumental 61 gram (for the pair) carbon fiber chainrings on the drivetrain!’
    • ‘On leg length, High Sierra Cycle Center makes custom cranks with the chainrings offset as well as pedals, one of which is dropped relative to the spindle and the other is raised.’
    • ‘The solid-looking chainrings are actually lighter than current chainrings thanks to their detailed machining throughout their backside.’
    • ‘The SP's rear suspension is pulled down when you pedal in the middle and small chainrings, so the suspension is less supple on bumps and the bike feels less efficient.’
    • ‘My problem is that with the chain on the small chainring it rubs on the large chainring when I shift to the 7th or 8th cog on back.’
    • ‘The chain should be able to go from the big chainring over the biggest cog, but the rear derailleur should be stretched out almost straight to do it.’
    • ‘Do you know if Shimano intends to offer 52 tooth chainrings for this crank anytime soon?’
    • ‘The first thing that I would check, is the position of the front derailleur in reference to the front chainrings.’
    • ‘See if you can lift the chain away from the front of the large chainring or the back of the largest cog.’
    • ‘Yes, the chainring, cog and chain must all be on the same standard or parts will either not engage or will wear out quickly due to excess slop.’
    • ‘Triple chainrings give you uphill climbing power and let you spin downhill, just like you can on a mountain bike, along with an upright posture that's more comfortable for low-mileage cyclists.’
    • ‘We have men on the team who also have special saddles because of saddle soreness, men who ride smaller bikes, men who need different chainrings.’
    • ‘The Campy setup separates the two with a dedicated brake lever, a smaller lever for shifting to larger cogs or chainrings and an inboard button for shifting onto smaller cogs or rings.’
    • ‘If not, you may end up having to replace cogs, chain and perhaps chainrings.’
    • ‘I would like to replace the crank to get a 39 chainring up front, I just can't climb on the 42 like I did 20 years ago.’
    • ‘My current setup has 53x39 chainrings, a 12x25 cogset with a short cage rear derailleur, and I recently switched to a Wipperman 10-speed chain.’
    • ‘The stem and bar perform admirably, offering tremendous stiffness, and the FSA-made cranks offer similar stiffness, but left us wishing they came with more advanced, better-shifting Campy chainrings.’
    • ‘Deore chainrings shift with the same exceptional smoothness as the higher-end rings, thanks to Shimano's smartly designed tooth profiles and well-placed ramps and chain-lifting pins.’
    • ‘The cassette and chainrings are previously unridden, but a new SRAM PC - 58, which I believe is intended to be an 8-speed chain, runs a little rough.’



/ˈCHānriNG/ /ˈtʃeɪnrɪŋ/