Definition of chalaza in English:


nounplural noun chalazae/-ˈlāzē/ /-ˈlazē/ /-ˌzī/

  • (in a bird's egg) each of two twisted membranous strips joining the yolk to the ends of the shell.

    ‘In wheat, evidence was found that a barrier occurred in the chalaza, a small zone of cells between the maternal vascular tissue and the nucellus.’
    • ‘In sections of caryopses, greenish yellow fluorescence was observed in the cell walls of the chalaza and the outer layers of the nucellar projection.’
    • ‘The chalaza in a duck egg is not as noticeable as it is in a chicken egg and the white is more transparent with less yellow coloring.’



/kəˈlāzə/ /kəˈleɪzə/


Early 18th century modern Latin, from Greek khalaza ‘small knot or lump’.