Definition of champagne socialist in English:

champagne socialist


derogatory British
  • A person who espouses socialist ideals while enjoying a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.

    • ‘Beginning in Italy with the second world war mere weeks away, its eponymous heroine is a young Englishwoman married to Gabriele, the champagne socialist scion of the wealthy D' Alessandria clan.’
    • ‘Putting on his socks might now be a challenge, but the champagne socialist still likes to slosh round the bubbly stuff and talk about his work, politics and the two Penelopes in his life’
    • ‘As a Labour supporter and donor, he's been branded a champagne socialist and incompetent; and has been subjected to votes of no confidence by a policyholders' action group.’
    • ‘A champagne socialist, he stood unsuccessfully for the Labour party in 1950 and even campaigned against Christmas.’
    • ‘Like a champagne socialist he wallows in this surfeit of e-government assistance and yet demands that we reply by post, why?’
    • ‘The Respect MP, an avowed champagne socialist, has a penchant for good food.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong - I'm as politically committed as the next champagne socialist.’
    • ‘It's sad to say this, but I am actually your definition of a champagne socialist.’
    • ‘Now, being of the champagne socialist disposition in many matters of taste and lifestyle I enjoy my foods gentrified and organic.’
    • ‘He is a former champagne socialist who survived the excesses of the 1980's and 90's working in The City to forge a career as a struggling freelancer in Frankfurt, Germany.’
    • ‘It tends to be an extremist point - I've been called a champagne socialist acting out of middle class guilt and I resented it… particularly because it hit home.’
    • ‘As I've got older and richer, I admit I've become a champagne socialist - sorry, make that vintage champagne socialist - but I'm certainly not apologising for it.’
    • ‘There are those who don't like her impassioned, intuitive polemics, who claim that, living in her comfortable Delhi house with her film director husband she is just another champagne socialist.’
    • ‘The old left was interested in pushing its liberal humanist agenda to win middle class champagne socialist support, whilst being careful of not alienating its working class base.’
    • ‘This is the Islington, champagne socialist dream- move to the south of France and I must say I share it.’
    • ‘Not generally known for their sense of humour but generally good-natured these lefties are always happy to tease the champagne socialists that inhabit Islington.’
    • ‘The champagne socialists had certainly never lived in Russia or China.’
    • ‘He's blasted the Blairite champagne socialists and denounced dog owners, tattooed goths, and the Presbyterians who believe Lutheranism is a form of crazed hedonism.’
    • ‘It is being run by champagne socialists and intellectual snobs and the Mayor is a eunuch.’


champagne socialist

/ˌSHamˌpān ˈsōSHələst/ /ˌʃæmˌpeɪn ˈsoʊʃələst/