Definition of change the subject in English:

change the subject


  • Begin talking of something different, to avoid embarrassment or distress.

    • ‘Suddenly realising the potential for embarrassment, Kerry abruptly changed the subject.’
    • ‘He seemed to always find a different way of changing the subject, which she found very amusing, but annoying.’
    • ‘Briskly changing the subject, she began cajoling me cheerfully again, all mention of her gone.’
    • ‘They agreed to this, obviously noting my distress and changing the subject to the dance.’
    • ‘He changed the subject, avoiding the question and stating the obvious instead.’
    • ‘Embarrassed, Nadeem changed the subject to the damage a rogue elephant can do.’
    • ‘Allan, clearly embarrassed, changes the subject.’
    • ‘When this happens many people are embarrassed and try to change the subject.’
    • ‘He consistently avoids or changes the subject every time I bring it up.’
    • ‘Krista felt herself begin to blush and quickly changed the subject.’