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  • 1A person or thing that changes something.

    ‘We didn't go for speed, we just went for people who had proved themselves in the past to be very competent baton changers and then the plan was to send out the fastest four in the semi finals.’
    • ‘These services are available to all individuals including the unemployed, persons wishing to return to work after a break, persons who have completed school or college and job changers.’
    • ‘Attractive pay and benefits will entice an influx of fresh applicants and career changers which will raise the profile of the traditional trades and contribute to their longer-term future.’
    • ‘And this leaves the regime changers with a dilemma and a paradox.’
    • ‘In an ideal world, the public would vote with their channel changers.’
    • ‘Older workers are less likely to consider an internship but they are an excellent way for career changers to enter a new profession.’
    • ‘If they really wanted us to be inconspicuous why don't they have us wear all black like the set changers at the theater?’
    • ‘However, in my opinion, they would need a team of Formula One wheel changers standing by.’
    • ‘But he has also invented a flashing lollipop for school crossings, a ‘whoosh machine’ to propel pigeons from perches on buildings, a golf club trolley wheel-cleaning attachment and a telescopic light bulb changer.’
    • ‘‘I am much more involved than my father was - I am a regular nappy changer,’ he said.’
    • ‘The five-speed automatic, though sharp and responsive, is less satisfying but does include the Chrysler version of the touch-up gear changer, which in this case is called Autostick, offering an in between experience.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Christine needs his help as chief diaper changer!’’
    • ‘‘I'm not the most frequent changer of jobs in this industry,’ Yang said.’
    • ‘There are people that have this channel changer and they can surf through 500 channels in some cases.’
    • ‘He yearns to be more than an accomplished election winner; he wants to be a great destiny changer.’
    • ‘Under their glare you locate a wall full of digital channel changers, ready for you to buy, take home and attach to your coaxial cable so you can watch hundreds of channels of broadcast programming, only without a satellite dish or antenna.’
    • ‘The machines are attractive to coin changers who don't like paying the fees charged by commercial coin machines.’
    • ‘Do channel changers, electric coffee pots and your trusty computer represent your main interaction with machines?’
    • ‘If there was ever a creator of wealth on a fantastic scale, ever a changer of custom and social values, ever a determinant of where our culture is headed and why, it's Moore's Law.’
    • ‘The team switched the front and rear tire changers last month and will hold tryouts before Daytona.’
    1. 1.1A device that holds several computer disks or compact discs and is able to switch between them.
      ‘I used to own 2 CD changers that were able to hold 4 CDs at a time.’
      • ‘Its popularity has generated a number of automation products, including automated changers that can back up more than 100GB of data.’
      • ‘It's nice to see fair uses of copyright figure largely into a new device, as this is essentially a $300 super CD and DVD changer than can hold as many albums and movies as you have hard drive space for.’
      • ‘Kenwood's all-in-one solution gives you a 6.1-speaker, 750-watt speaker system as well as a five-disc DVD changer.’
      • ‘Also included are line-in connections for local sources such as a cable or satellite box or CD / DVD changer.’
      • ‘We were surprised to find that the not-so-new CD changers for cars had no problem handling our test CDs of just under 92 minutes in length.’
      • ‘After all, the significantly reduced size of an MP3 file means you can fit the contents of eight or more regular audio CDs onto a single CDR and gives you the functionality of a multi-disk CD changer even if your player only holds one disk.’
      • ‘My husband owns a 200 disk CD changer and we are considering filling it with all our classical albums and using that instead of the radio.’
      • ‘You can get DVD changers that will hold some 300 discs for about $500 if you're short on shelf space.’
      • ‘A CD changer is also three times the cost of a USB port, and a car need no longer be cluttered with CDs risking theft or damage.’
      • ‘The coldest product during 2002, according to several top after-market executives, was multi-disc CD changers, which until last year had been selling quite well.’
      • ‘All in all, this is a return to form for DiFranco, and these tracks should spend a lot of time in rotation on CD changers and mp3 players.’
      • ‘Both albums are destined for the CD changers in hipper cafés, but will sound even better boosted to floor-shaking levels on your home stereo.’
      • ‘Bulky CD changers are a thing of the past now, with technology letting you compress a ten disc collection into one CD.’
      • ‘You would think that thousands of hours of songs would be enough for a generation that has grown up with single CD changers.’
      • ‘In other news, it's oddly gratifying to take a Belle and Sebastian CD out of your changer and put in Poison's greatest hits, but that's a story for another time…’
      • ‘Filling a tiny one gigabyte memory stick with music from a home computer, then plugging it into the car, will provide the equivalent of 40 to 50 CDs instead of the six or so an in-car changer can cope with.’
      • ‘I've got a disc changer for 200 discs, and then I didn't have anything to run it through so he bought me this other CD player with 5 discs.’
      • ‘You get electric windows and mirrors, climate control, numerous airbags and a CD changer as part of the deal.’
      • ‘Now the CD changer on my downstairs stereo appears to have given up the ghost.’



/ˈCHānjər/ /ˈtʃeɪndʒər/