Definition of channel-hop in English:



[no object]informal
  • 1Change frequently from one television channel to another, using a remote control device.

    • ‘The much-married Murphy shuttles us between 50 years of his life and the compulsive television channel-hopping he has adopted as an alternative to more dangerous forms of addiction.’
    • ‘Children, teens and adults channel-hop with the TV remote control, afraid to miss a single choice in their final viewing selection, flicking through the pictures and information like some sort of voluntary brain-washing session.’
    • ‘Lori began idly channel-hopping again, guarding the remote jealously after repeated attempts by Angel to kidnap it.’
    • ‘In my experience it tends to get frittered away on TV channel-hopping, window shopping, aimless net surfing or general navel-gazing.’
    • ‘Our move to the country had saved me from the onset of epilepsy caused by the rapid fire channel-hopping that my husband sees as a core part of the television experience.’
    • ‘I caught the ‘Queer Eye’ program the other day - totally by accident as I was lying on the floor channel-hopping.’
    • ‘On a weekday evening's channel-hopping, you would expect to find at least one cookery show or DIY programme on UK TV.’
    • ‘She first watched the long-running sitcom while channel-hopping in the mid-1980s.’
    • ‘And talking of the BBC, I channel-hopped briefly to see how their coverage compared.’
    • ‘But as children get older, the energy-sapping effect of the flickering screen insulates them in their own private world, leaving them only just enough energy to channel-hop or open that multipack of crisps.’
    • ‘By conflating the four episodes into two film-length pieces, the BBC runs the risk of tempting trigger-happy viewers to channel-hop, which would be a genuine shame.’
    • ‘But its popularity gradually waned as Discovery failed to catch the interest of local viewers who channel-hop to see something new.’
    • ‘They can get all the stations in town to agree to it so if viewers channel-hop, no one's outta sync or has any advantage.’
    • ‘But the monotony renders it very difficult not to channel-hop or get up to make tea.’
    • ‘Idly channel-hopping the other evening, I came across a TV advert for the newly-released album The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…’
    • ‘This is already an age of channel-hopping, and people are more than capable of flicking through a range of sources and making their minds up for themselves.’
    • ‘I watched a bit but then the channel-hopping began.’
  • 2Travel across the English Channel and back to Britain frequently or for only a brief trip.