Definition of channelize in English:


(British channelise)


North American
  • another term for channel (sense 1 of the verb)

    • ‘We have experienced impacts of the work we've done in the Mississippi River, in channelizing the river for navigation and flood control.’
    • ‘The tasks of finishing post refueling checks, changing frequencies, maneuvering to a new formation, and working the radar at the same time channelized my attention and disrupted my cross-check, causing me to lose the horizon.’
    • ‘Pammel Creek originally drained into one of these wetlands but was channelized between 1914 and 1927 to join Bluff Slough, a backwater of the Mississippi River just to the southwest of the site.’
    • ‘Virtually every major river in our deserts has been dammed and diverted, many have been channelized and lined with levees, and others have been pumped dry.’
    • ‘A person's processes are psychologically channelized by the way in which he anticipates events.’
    • ‘The lower Arroyo Seco was channelized in 1938 because of rainfalls like this.’
    • ‘It channelized the river to support barge traffic, first up to Kansas City, then to Sioux City.’
    • ‘It is a great help when you get your family's support because then you can channelize all your energies in your work.’
    • ‘Supporting the Infantry in the assault entails close in fire, obscuration, precision strikes and the ability to effectively seal off or channelize an advancing enemy.’
    • ‘The emphasis in Tai Chi is to channelize the potentially destructive energy in such a manner so that it will dissipate the energy harmlessly.’
    • ‘Even today conservationists continue to battle plans to divert and channelize the big timber delta streams.’
    • ‘But when it comes to channelising the talents, there are only a few.’
    • ‘Identification of special children and channelising them into the main stream has become a dire need.’
    • ‘The idea of diverting and channelising rainwater to open wells stumbled upon them.’
    • ‘One clipping showed him address a big gathering of angry Indians in South Africa whom he first arouses into feeling angry and then channelises their anger by peaceful means.’
    • ‘As information is not being channelised properly, it fails to help parents like us who have to travel from distant places.’
    • ‘He quit plans to pursue a management career, joined the Delhi-based Other Media Communications, and channelised his energy to document social conflicts.’
    • ‘If he motivates students to take up an extra-curricular activity, then their energy can be channelised towards a constructive activity.’
    • ‘It has channelised the collective energies of a group of young people into taking a firm stand against the dark forces tearing our social fabric apart.’
    • ‘With rising inflation and diminishing bank interests, many have channelised their money into such businesses.’