Definition of chanting goshawk in English:

chanting goshawk


  • A long-legged African hawk with pale gray upper parts, throat, and breast, noted for its prolonged musical fluting call delivered from a treetop perch.

    Genus Melierax, family Accipitridae: three species

    ‘He was an exceptional guide, able simultaneously to drive a 4WD vehicle, identify a juvenile pale chanting goshawk and relate a children's story about why warthogs run with their tails held erect.’
    • ‘This town is also the area where the most abundant numbers of pale chanting goshawks are to be found.’
    • ‘Along with these come the exotic birds of prey such as greater kestrels and pale chanting goshawks.’
    • ‘In the southern Kalahari alone, two mammals and five birds were observed to follow foraging honey badgers with the most common associations between honey badgers and pale chanting goshawks.’
    • ‘Except for a few species, like the chanting goshawks, the vocals are not melodic, but a series of short, loud calls or whistles.’


chanting goshawk

/CHan(t)iNG ˈɡäsˌhôk/ /tʃæn(t)ɪŋ ˈɡɑsˌhɔk/