Definition of chaparajos in English:


plural noun

(also chaparejos)
North American
  • Leather pants without a seat, worn by a cowboy over ordinary pants to protect the legs.

    ‘His legs are also protected by bronze plates, which resemble the chaparajos of the cowboys in the wild west.’
    • ‘Their chaparejos were made of heavy bullhide, to protect the leg from the brush and thorns.’
    • ‘The Oroqen clothes are mainly gowns, including fur gown, fur jacket, fur trousers, chaparajos, fur shoes, fur socks, fur gloves, fur waistcoat, roe head hat and so on.’
    • ‘Our chaparejos are constructed of super soft and durable Grade No.1 elk hide.’
    • ‘Last week, a bronze-skinned buckaroo, with a flashing red neckerchief above his blue shirt, with shining leather chaparejos and crimson saddle-blanket, dashed up from a Western skyline on a snorting, piebald cow-pony.’



/ˌSHäpəˈrāōs/ /ˌʃɑpəˈreɪoʊs/


Mid 19th century from Mexican Spanish chaparreras, from chaparra ‘dwarf evergreen oak’ (with reference to protection from thorny vegetation: see chaparral); probably influenced by Spanish aparejo ‘equipment’.