Definition of charcoal grey in English:

charcoal grey

(US charcoal gray)


mass noun
  • A very dark grey colour.

    ‘she gave me a long skirt to try, in charcoal grey’
    as modifier ‘a sophisticated charcoal-grey coat’
    • ‘The matte finish for the bottle is charcoal gray.’
    • ‘I first added the black background with my charcoal gray pastel stick.’
    • ‘The felt will be a deep burgundy or dark charcoal grey color.’
    • ‘I love how they paired the bright red with the charcoal gray fabric on the sofa.’
    • ‘He was driving a charcoal gray, two-door sedan with a moon roof.’
    • ‘The black/charcoal gray chassis is made entirely out of plastic which is partially textured.’
    • ‘He is wearing the charcoal gray pinstriped suit with fedora that he first busted out in the previous season.’
    • ‘The members of the ruling Standing Committee sat in the front row in matching charcoal gray suits, most of them with red ties.’
    • ‘In a bid to not look too overdressed for her trip out, she covered up with a charcoal grey denim shirt which she wore over the top of her dress.’
    • ‘Wearing a pair of indigo jeans with a feminine blouse and a charcoal grey overcoat, the star looked stylish and smart as she carried a muted grey handbag.’
    • ‘He opted for a classic look in a charcoal grey pinstripe suit and a sky blue shirt.’
    • ‘Heavy knits in maroon, mustard and charcoal grey are perfect for the cold, shivering months, whilst the warmer months call for striking silks of all shades and patterns.’
    • ‘Police described the suspect's vehicle as a charcoal gray or black sedan, which will have damage to the front grill, hood and driver side headlight.’
    • ‘With a subtle black and charcoal grey stripe on the main body, the shirt also features a smart black collar with white trim and detail stitching in the colours of the Irish flag.’
    • ‘The charcoal gray cylindrical computer stands about 10 inches high, and has an effect that is deeply futuristic.’
    • ‘He opted for stylish headgear in the form of a charcoal grey trilby.’
    • ‘She teamed faded denim skinnies with a chunky charcoal grey cardigan, a checked shirt, and a striped scar.’
    • ‘Sam looked sophisticated in a charcoal grey v-neck mini-dress.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old model and actress emerged from her exercise session showing off her statuesque frame in the black and charcoal grey ensemble which she teamed with olive green trainers and a purple T-shirt.’
    • ‘It's charcoal grey now, which is my favourite of the colours it's been.’