Definition of Chardonnay socialist in English:

Chardonnay socialist


informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • A person who espouses socialist ideals while enjoying a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.

    ‘these Chardonnay socialists think profanity makes them working class’
    • ‘The economic policies of our chardonnay socialists will cause huge damage to our economy.’
    • ‘The Accord with the unions allowed Labor to embrace the economic reforms that attracted the Chardonnay socialists into the fold.’
    • ‘The new establishment is demonised as the chattering classes, chardonnay socialists and latte Left.’
    • ‘And there is no doubting the cabinet minister's exasperation with the chardonnay socialist classes.’
    • ‘But a $20 bottle of wine, as our chardonnay socialist friends would know, is a super-premium wine.’
    • ‘What better grape to start with than chardonnay, the grape that fuels the Labour Party, the unofficial center of the chardonnay socialist movement.’
    • ‘And I was amused when the NBR leapt on my quip that they were chardonnay socialists, but it's probably not that far from the truth.’
    • ‘There was some smarmy Chardonnay socialist banging on about how we should be buying (expensive) hybrids.’
    • ‘He's a plastic, chardonnay socialist living in a $2.5M dollar home in one of NZ wealthiest suburbs, pretending to care about people from a much poorer suburb.’
    • ‘If my mother should meet any of these chardonnay socialists who think profanity makes them working class, she would wash their mouths out with soap.’


1980s from Chardonnay + socialist, on the pattern of champagne socialist.