Definition of chargé d'affaires in English:

chargé d'affaires

(also chargé)

Pronunciation /ˌʃɑːʒeɪ daˈfɛː/ /ʃaʀze dafɛʀ/

nounchargés d'affaires

  • 1An ambassador's deputy.

    • ‘Wilson had been the chargé d' affaires in Baghdad in 1990 and an ambassador to two African countries before joining President Clinton's National Security Council as a senior specialist on Africa.’
    • ‘Finn Forsberg, the chargé d' affaires at the Swedish Embassy, said the international community cannot take the lead in ending the war.’
    • ‘In December the Romanian chargé in Stockholm, George Duca, contacted the British and American ministers in the name of Maniu and Brtianu.’
    • ‘In November 1942, while chargé d' affaires in Finland, Duca met informally with some close American friends who worked at the U.S. embassy in Stockholm.’
    ambassador, emissary, diplomat, legate, consul, attaché, chargé d'affaires, plenipotentiary
    1. 1.1A state's diplomatic representative in a minor country.
      • ‘The government sent a chargé d' affaires to re-establish a diplomatic presence in the country.’
      • ‘One example of this official support came from the chargé d' affaires at the Libyan Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.’
      • ‘Stephen Evans is the British chargé d' affaires in Kabul’
      • ‘On April 20, Donald Teitelbaum returned to his post as US chargé d' affaires in Khartoum.’
      diplomat, representative


Mid 18th century French, ‘(a person) in charge of affairs’.


chargé d'affaires

/ˌʃɑːʒeɪ daˈfɛː/ /ʃaʀze dafɛʀ/