Definition of charity case in English:

charity case


  • A person or group regarded as needing help or financial support.

    ‘she was sent as a charity case to a Catholic boarding school’
    ‘I like to pay my way, not be a charity case’
    • ‘I don't want to be treated like some damn charity case.’
    • ‘I'm not some charity case waiting for you to play benefactor.’
    • ‘The last thing Australia needs is yet another charity case to support.’
    • ‘The Jets, while far from a charity case, definitely need help.’
    • ‘No doubt there are some charity cases out there who do need assistance.’
    • ‘She had turned down the fundraising effort because she did not want to be seen as a "charity case."’
    • ‘No one likes being a charity case.’
    • ‘Your father has taken me on as sort of a charity case.’
    • ‘Rumor has it that Lady Valerie broke off her engagement because she didn't want Seawright to think she was a charity case.’
    • ‘You can be intelligent and be poverty-stricken, but to be treated as a charity case by the welfare system is insulting.’
    • ‘Seventy percent of his patients are charity cases; the remaining 30% seek him out and pay for his services because the quality of his work is world-class.’
    • ‘I was a charity case and felt intimidated by all the Ivy Leaguers.’