Definition of charity moll in English:

charity moll


  • An amateur or inexperienced prostitute, in particular one charging less than the usual rate.

    ‘women in the trade have a deep scorn for charity molls’
    • ‘If the cops spring you here, I know nothing, and no charity moll capers with my men.’
    • ‘I'm not a charity moll, and anyway I feel too sick.’
    • ‘Did you get any offers, or do you give it for free like a good charity moll?’
    • ‘A charity moll is the equivalent of a World War II 'EA', or 'enthusiastic amateur': a promiscuous woman whose sexual favours are theoretically not available for sale.’
    • ‘A charity moll barters herself for presents, dinner, theatre and show tickets.’
    • ‘She didn't want to be a charity moll, and she didn't want to be a social doyenne.’
    • ‘You a charity moll?’
    • ‘Sometimes the charity moll was a hopeful gay man.’
    • ‘One day, he'll grab what he thinks is a charity moll and find himself with Miss Policewoman 1963.’
    • ‘Prostitutes, rightly or wrongly, accuse charity molls of being responsible for spreading venereal disease because they are amateurs.’