Definition of charity shop in English:

charity shop


  • A shop where second-hand goods are sold to raise money for a charity.

    • ‘He hopes the new charity shop will raise the £10,000 needed to fund a fête in 2005.’
    • ‘Paintings due to be sold by a charity shop for a few pounds could make thousands at Christie's thanks to the eagle eye of a Sutton man.’
    • ‘During her four-week stay Mrs Kaur also hopes to round-up volunteers to set up a charity shop so the unit can begin raising its own funds.’
    • ‘A rare rock 'n' roll record has been sold at auction making big bucks for a Maldon charity shop.’
    • ‘Burglars have hit a charity shop which helps the homeless - for a second time in seven months.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, American tourist Emily Harris was cycling around Edinburgh, when she was drawn to a display in a charity shop.’
    • ‘Mrs Dennis, who was awarded the MBE for her work for the hospice, said it was a sad day when they needed a security system to protect a charity shop.’
    • ‘The main space, that once contained giant water tanks, now holds furniture the couple bought from a charity shop back home in Somerset.’
    • ‘Inevitably, these cherished purchases are nearly always spurned and condemned to make an early appearance in the charity shop.’
    • ‘Then I start clearing out closets, bookshelves, drawers, putting things in plastic sacks to take to the charity shop.’
    • ‘Thieves have stolen jewellery from a charity shop in Maldon.’
    • ‘Jennifer, of Romanby, was also a student council member and part of the yearbook team as well as helping in a charity shop and on college open days.’
    • ‘She's paying it off through community service - working in a charity shop in her home town every Monday for the next five months.’
    • ‘‘Gift It’ is a charity shop with a difference and likes to stock the more unusual type of items.’
    • ‘I gave them all to the charity shop when I put on a little weight.’
    • ‘A nice suit can be bought from a charity shop for ten pounds.’
    • ‘Generous people in Bingley have rallied to help the charity shop in Myrtle Walk, Bingley, collect a record amount of cash.’
    • ‘I guess you could view it as politically motivated, but it seemed kind of normal to me at the time because my mum sometimes used to work in a charity shop.’
    • ‘The mystery over a forgotten flute found in a charity shop has deepened.’
    • ‘I make a bin bag full of clothes to send to the charity shop.’


charity shop