Definition of charkha in English:


(also charka)


  • (in South Asia) a domestic spinning wheel used chiefly for cotton.

    • ‘As they pulled and twisted the cotton in the charkha, the children learnt to weave in threads and also became familiar with stories centred on it.’
    • ‘K. Jyothi, who was excited at being able to spin the charkha, said, ‘I just came here to listen to the stories, but now I really want to learn the art of spinning that was popular in Gandhiji's time.’’
    • ‘It was a conviction that fuelled Mahatma Gandhi's espousal of the evocative emblem of the charkha.’
    • ‘The soft sound of charkas and the chanting of ‘Vande mataram’ and ‘Raghupathy Raghava’ flowed out of a nondescript building on Cherry Road, Salem.’
    • ‘Nowhere else in India will you see spinning on single spindle charkas with 24 spokes, claims Lakshman Rao.’


From Urdu charḵa ‘spinning wheel’, from Persian; related to Sanskrit cakra ‘wheel’.