Definition of Charlie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈCHärlē/ /ˈtʃɑrli/


  • 1A code word representing the letter C, used in radio communication.

    ‘In addition to not having flown in the west for quite a while, being assigned the plane at night complicated things even more: The charlie model is slightly different than the bravo model I flew as an instructor.’
  • 2informal Cocaine.

    • ‘Hence you have a band who are clearly a bit un-nerved by the amount of freeloaders gossiping about their next load of charlie, and the whole thing spirals down from there.’
    • ‘The point of all the numbers - published by a team from the Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan - is that consumption of charlie in the region is much higher than previously thought.’
    • ‘I'll be knackered by teatime. I'll need a drink and a nice line or two of charlie.’
    • ‘Honestly, I couldn't have been keener to get clear of that airport if I'd had half a kilo of charlie up my jumper, I can tell you.’
    • ‘I woke up in the afternoon from the night before and instead of having anything to eat, I had a can of soft drink and a line of charlie.’
    • ‘And then he asked, ‘Do you know where I can get any charlie from?’’
    • ‘And for the first six months I was clean, but then we kept saying yes to more gigs, I started drinking too much and taking a bit of charlie, to get through it.’
    • ‘I did everything to excess - punk, speed, puff, charlie, drink.’
    • ‘There's no question that a noseful of charlie makes you feel invincible, focussed, elite and beautiful.’
    • ‘Ian is fond of his charlie, a habit which keeps leaving him ‘flat out on the bed and staring at the cracks which trail across the ceiling like rivers seen from orbit’.’
  • 3US, Australian, New Zealand military slang A member of the Vietcong or the Vietcong collectively.

    ‘When it comes to standing up to Victor Charlie, there is no color difference among U.S. troops.’
    ‘The Viet Cong aka Charlie will be eating in our "mess hall".’


Late 19th century diminutive of the male given name Charles.



/ˈCHärlē/ /ˈtʃɑrli/