Definition of charlock in English:



mass noun
  • A wild mustard with yellow flowers, which is a common weed of cornfields.

    Sinapis arvensis, family Cruciferae

    • ‘At one test site, researchers found a GM version of the common weed charlock growing in the field, the year after the GM trial.’
    • ‘Chickweed, charlock (yellow flowers) and runch (white flowers) plants are now big enough to cause some concern.’
    • ‘In California, the cultivated radish, Raphanus sativus, and the jointed charlock, R. raphanistrum, have completely merged.’
    • ‘Most botanists believe the place to be W. Asia and the main ancestral wild plant to be Raphanus raphanistrum, a type of charlock, but it is likely that other wild ancestors would have crossed with this.’


Old English cerlic, cyrlic, of unknown origin.