Definition of charmed in English:



  • 1(of a person's life or a period of this) unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic.

    ‘I felt that I had a charmed life’
    • ‘So why is it that some people seem to live charmed lives, full of lucky breaks and serendipitous chance encounters, while others experience one disaster after another?’
    • ‘Is there a guarantee that the highest achievers among you will have charmed lives, with continued success and prosperity?’
    • ‘I am a 27 year old gay man and have lead what I believe to be a charmed life; I have been fortunate enough to say I have been in love.’
    • ‘This may sound ethereal, but Conran - who is well into his forties, but looks unbelievably boyish - displays a very real sense of the responsibilities that come with living a charmed life.’
    • ‘He acknowledges that his government led ‘a charmed life’ in its first term, which implies that he was rather lucky not be found out.’
    • ‘There are those who believe that they live a charmed life, that fate, willy-nilly, awards them undeserved fortunes and opportunities that seemingly drop into their laps.’
    • ‘Our protagonist has to figure out how to extract himself from a charmed life in public and put his affairs in order, simultaneously setting straight a series of fouled-up personal relationships.’
    • ‘For anyone who has ever dreamed of working in the music industry, it seems that she has led a charmed life, winning the top jobs and having an ‘access all areas’ pass in her handbag at all times.’
    • ‘She is a grateful enthusiast who believes she leads a charmed life, yet she is brave, seeking out dark roles wherever she can, and usually investing the seemingly frothy parts with a psychotic edge.’
    • ‘In many ways he had a charmed life: springing from a humble background in Edwardian Cornwall, he gained a coveted scholarship to Oxford, where he had a glittering early career.’
    • ‘Arthur reckoned with some justification that he had had ‘a charmed life.’’
    • ‘He moves to France and in his eighties finds himself lacking in objects but filled with the knowledge he has had a charmed life.’
    • ‘He has led a charmed life, but is none the worse for it.’
    • ‘However, in many other areas Stewart has led a charmed life.’
    • ‘It sounds like a charmed life, a purely decorative existence.’
    • ‘This thought might have occurred to Jack, but he, too, seems to have led a charmed life.’
    • ‘She had a charmed life and was always aware of her privileges, helping less fortunate people where she could.’
    • ‘You should go right ahead and marry anybody you want to because in a certain way, yours is a charmed life.’
    • ‘The goal is to figure out why some people seem to lead a charmed life while others do not.’
    • ‘Yet I was the one leading a charmed life while she suffered.’
    fortunate, in luck, blessed, blessed with good luck, favoured, born under a lucky star, charmed
  • 2Physics
    (of a particle) possessing the property charm.

    ‘a charmed quark’
    • ‘The properties of charmed baryons are complicated but orderly and comprehensible.’
    • ‘Charmed hadrons are produced by the interaction of high energy photons with a segmented beryllium oxide target.’
    • ‘The professor and his group study the decay of charmed mesons.’


  • Expressing polite pleasure at an introduction.

    ‘charmed, I'm sure’