Definition of Charolais in English:



  • An animal of a breed of large white beef cattle.

    • ‘Other Cattle Breeds on show include Herefords, Simmentals, Charolais, Aberdeen Angus, Blonde D' Aquitaine, and Limousin.’
    • ‘The Charolais and Simmental cattle on sale on Tuesday were of good quality.’
    • ‘The Charolais breed of cattle since their introduction to Ireland in 1964 have made a huge impact on the livestock in this country.’
    • ‘Also exhibited were Charolais, Simmental, Angus, Limousin and Hereford.’
    • ‘There are numerous classes for several breeds of cattle, including Commercial, Pedigree Limousin, Shorthorn, Charolais and Simmental.’
    • ‘And the winner of the Grand Champion Carcass for 2004 a Charolais / Angus cross steer bred by Greg and Leonie from Grenell Cottage, Bowmans Creek, Singleton.’
    • ‘The Charolais and the Belgian Blue are especially popular because of a phenomenon known as ‘double muscling’, which means that the muscles are much bulkier in relation to the amount of bone in the animal.’
    • ‘Fourteen teams were fielded in front of Mr Young who finally drew up a shortlist of six comprising the Limousins, Simmentals, Charolais, Highland, Aberdeen Angus and Belgian Blue.’
    • ‘The Limousin, Charolais and Simmental breeds can now give expected breeding values on their bulls.’
    • ‘There will also be the usual classes for Angus Hereford, Shorthorn, Limousin, Salers, Charolais, Belgian Blue with many classes in the cattle commercial section.’
    • ‘Winners were Robert Needham and his son, John, who farm at Louth, Lincolnshire, with a set of ribs from a Charolais cross heifer which was butchered by their local retail butcher, John Laykin.’
    • ‘The top price for a single punched bullock went for a Charolais weighing 615 kg and sold for €1,230.’
    • ‘The Landrace breed did for pigs what Charolais did for cattle some years later.’
    • ‘So I learnt that the beef was in fact a Charolais / Limousin cross which Broadbent was cooking only because the Shorthorn he usually uses was not yet adequately hung.’
    • ‘Any of the commonly used continental breeds would suffice for the scheme - Limousin, Charolais, Belgian Blue, Simmental.’
    • ‘Some of the tops at the sale included a Charolais bull weighing 352 kg sold for €765 and a Charolais 354 kg which made €406.’
    • ‘The breed most in demand is the Charolais, as in addition to being tops for conformation the Charolais is miles ahead when it comes to growth rate and feed efficiency.’
    • ‘Jon Regan explained the merits of the Charolais as a terminal sire.’
    • ‘Suffolk, Texel and Charolais had surfaced as the leading terminal sires in Teagasc trials.’
    • ‘To both, Charolais is the only breed which can be relied on to constantly hold market value whether times are good or bad.’


Late 19th century named after the Monts du Charollais, hills in eastern France where the breed originated.