Definition of charophyte in English:



  • A lower plant of the division Charophyta, such as a stonewort.

    • ‘An increase in turgor also causes a depolarization in the turgor-regulating charophytes Chara longifolia and Lamprothamnium succinctum.’
    • ‘These features suggest that the common ancestor of charophytes and land plants had a life cycle similar to that of charophytes, and that the common ancestor of bryophytes and vascular plants was gametophyte-dominant.’
    • ‘Unlike the other green algae, the charophytes share with plants the phragmoplast method of cell division, and the asymmetric arrangement of their sperm flagella.’
    • ‘Like many other charophytes desmids have no flagella; they were lost at some point in the group's evolution.’
    • ‘Only plants and charophytes divide their cells with the aid of a phragmoplast.’