Definition of chartaceous in English:



  • Thin, dry, or flimsy like paper; papery.

    • ‘It is a shrub with chartaceous leaves.’
    • ‘In these specimens the scales are long, linear, chartaceous, and erect.’
    • ‘It has always seemed to me, Madam, that that same jaw-bone must have been either prodigiously strong and tough, or else the Philistine crania must have been of very chartaceous texture.’
    • ‘The nest of this wasp he found attached to a small bush, and about the size of a man's head, being covered with a chartaceous envelope, like that of European wasps.’
    • ‘Since the pod of the pigeon pea is chartaceous rather than succulent, the lesions are more like spots than cankers.’
    thin, paper-thin, gossamer-thin, ultra-thin, flimsy, delicate, insubstantial, fragile, frail, light, lightweight


Mid 17th century from late Latin chartaceus, from Latin charta ‘paper, papyrus leaf’ (see card) + -eous.