Definition of charter flight in English:

charter flight


  • A flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific journey, not part of an airline's regular schedule.

    • ‘After opening in 1998, it attracted routes all over Europe but then lost many and was left with only scheduled services to Belfast, Dublin and Jersey and a regular charter flight to London.’
    • ‘The government regulator also issued a written warning to the two co-pilots of the charter flight.’
    • ‘The squad had a wake-up call shortly after 4am before travelling to Dublin Airport for a charter flight to Siberia, via Moscow, a journey that was expected to take at least 15 hours including the refuelling stop.’
    • ‘So one dreary Wednesday afternoon we left Stansted on a charter flight bound for Lulea - not a place I had ever heard of before, let alone knew how to pronounce.’
    • ‘Sniffer dogs alerted police to 37 suitcases allegedly checked in by the 19 Britons as they were about to board a charter flight to Gatwick.’
    • ‘Getting there is easy, thanks to a new charter flight from Gatwick to Deer Lake.’
    • ‘Now, according to the airline operator, West Caribbean, it was a charter flight operating between Panama City and the Caribbean island of Martinique.’
    • ‘Book a charter flight from the UK to Phuket or scheduled flights via Bangkok with Thai Airlines or via Singapore with Singapore Airlines.’
    • ‘And this year we have arranged a charter flight back to London from Madeira, as no flights were available on Sunday evening.’
    • ‘She only hoped that the woman wouldn't be on the other charter flight to the smaller airport closest to where her dad would be picking her up.’
    • ‘According to Chan, the estimated flight time is about 90 minutes on a direct charter flight from Shanghai to Taipei.’
    • ‘Catch a charter flight to Sharm from either London Gatwick or Manchester.’
    • ‘The UN charter flight was too large to land in the New Norwich airfield, so it had to land in London.’
    • ‘From Dar, road travel is a back-breaking 10 hours while a charter flight takes 1½ hours.’
    • ‘Getting there was an adventure in itself, involving a charter flight from Johannesburg to the sleepy, ramshackle port town of Vilanculos, then a 15-minute, six-seater plane hop to a private jungle airstrip.’
    • ‘But if numbers increase we are looking at booking a charter flight so we can all travel together in the one plane.’
    • ‘Joseph Harold Frost jumped out of the plane near San Diego during a charter flight given to him by his son as a birthday present.’
    • ‘The French cruise ship is scheduled to sail into Iqaluit on July 22, when about 90 well-heeled passengers will disembark to catch a charter flight from Iqaluit to Toronto the next day.’
    • ‘My client had now arranged a special charter flight to remove the applicant to Perth at 6 o'clock tonight because he was not considered to be suitable for removal from Sydney to Perth on a commercial flight.’
    • ‘It would still be more expensive than your typical coach fair, but not the ridiculously high price that a typical charter flight would cost.’


charter flight