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charter school


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  • (in North America) a publicly funded independent school established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority.

    ‘High Tech High is a public charter school founded by a business coalition that raised more than $6 million for start-up.’
    • ‘The firm also recently designed its first school - a charter school in Escondido.’
    • ‘Attracting students - 25 families came to the first open house - was easy compared with getting the charter school approved, hiring teachers and paying rent.’
    • ‘Picture the modern university as a charter school, and you can glimpse some of the possibilities.’
    • ‘A ‘modern manifestation’ of Washington's scholastic vision is a charter school called Kipp Academy in Houston.’
    • ‘In short, there do not appear to be large discrepancies between charter school and public school demographics.’
    • ‘When a charter school fails to satisfy its parents and/or sponsors, it loses customers and closes down.’
    • ‘I worked for 4 years as a teacher at Benjamin Carson Academy, which is a charter school that is housed inside of the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility.’
    • ‘His foundation also had funded a shelter for abused children and a charter school, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy.’
    • ‘The school we worked in was a charter school, which provided a bit more flexibility for teachers and students alike.’
    • ‘Unlike in proposed voucher systems, a charter school cannot charge the parents extra or promote a religion.’
    • ‘Last year I led an accreditation visit to an Arizona charter school, Tucson's Academy of Math and Science.’
    • ‘Author and educator Marvin Hoffman teaches in a charter school affiliated with the University of Chicago.’
    • ‘It appears that within a given geographical area lives a limited supply of entrepreneurs willing to undertake starting a charter school, a supply that peters out over time.’
    • ‘I asked again that the charter school be put on our agenda.’
    • ‘In addition, by serving multiple charter schools, a trust wouldn't be crippled by the closure of a single charter school.’
    • ‘A group of teachers in early March announced plans to open a charter school with a focus on students who feel discriminated against or bullied because they are different, including gay and lesbian students.’
    • ‘There's no coherent national voice explaining the charter school idea to Congress, the media, or other educators.’
    • ‘Sixty-two participants were students at a charter school, and 87 were enrolled at an alternative school.’
    • ‘Before 1999, Milwaukee authorized one charter school, with only 70 students.’