Definition of chartered in English:



  • 1(of a city, company, university, or other body) founded or having its rights and privileges established by means of a charter.

    ‘the town's celebration of its 800th anniversary as a chartered borough’
    ‘a survey was sent to 100 or the largest chartered corporations’
    1. 1.1British (of an accountant, engineer, librarian, etc.) qualified as a member of a professional body that has a royal charter.
      • ‘He is a mechanical engineer and a chartered accountant by qualification.’
      • ‘Lockhart has a considerable array of business skills at his disposal, having qualified as a chartered accountant and solicitor in Scotland.’
      • ‘Wilson, a qualified chartered accountant, was billed as an international insurance expert when he joined the Royal Bank's board in 1993.’
      • ‘He took on a dozen jobs in the 1930s, finally taking a Bachelor of Commerce degree by correspondence and qualifying as a chartered accountant.’
      • ‘Mr Rumble, a qualified chartered engineer, today insisted that the share sale was more as a gesture of incentive than any kind of prelude to relinquishing the reins, particularly as he is still the majority stakeholder.’
      • ‘He was a really ordinary straight sort of guy, a professional man, a chartered accountant who had worked in financial services his whole career.’
      • ‘Born in Cheadle, Cheshire, he qualified as a chartered accountant in January 1959, having left school aged 16.’
      • ‘Mary Campbell qualified as a chartered accountant with the firm in 1983.’
      • ‘Jack joined the firm 64 years ago when he qualified as a chartered accountant after service in Holland during the war.’
      • ‘Born in Kenya, he moved to Scotland in 1974 and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1979.’
      • ‘A chartered accountant by profession, she has worked in the recruitment sector since 1987.’
      • ‘Once demobbed, he qualified as a chartered accountant and joined the family firm in 1949.’
      • ‘He gained qualifications to become a chartered engineer and worked for car firm Ford.’
      • ‘The aim is to ensure that all graduates achieve the necessary experience to obtain the professional status of chartered engineer.’
      • ‘It is always good to have on our team a chartered accountant of her qualifications and experience.’
      • ‘Born in Bristol on 29 July 1932, Hodges had a comfortable middle-class upbringing, qualifying as a chartered accountant.’
      • ‘A qualified chartered accountant, Slater first came to prominence in the early 1960s.’
      • ‘Having qualified as a chartered accountant in 1987, he took up the position of financial controller with the Cork brewers one year later and has been there ever since.’
      • ‘Joyce qualified as a chartered accountant in 1981.’
      • ‘But forum member John Walsh, a retired chartered engineer, of Liden, said he was disappointed with the turnout.’
      certified, certificated, chartered, licensed, professional
  • 2(of an aircraft or ship) having been hired.

    ‘eighty journalists were flown in by chartered plane’
    • ‘If the marriage is taking place in U.S. waters, individual state laws dictate who can marry whom, on both cruise ships and chartered boats.’
    • ‘This dream flight was organised at the domestic airport here earlier this week and ten children from across the country were taken for a two-hour ride over Delhi in a chartered aircraft.’
    • ‘In that case, shippers of cargo on a chartered ship brought an action against the shipowners for damage caused to the cargo by bad stowage, for which the shipowners were responsible.’
    • ‘Last year, their fleet of 150 mostly chartered ships delivered 15 million tonnes of iron ore to the mainland.’
    • ‘To guarantee the visibility of the events ion the press, the journalists will come from the capital, Lisbon, to the events and back through chartered aircraft.’
    • ‘They said several of the 200 passengers were put up in hotels for the night, and a chartered aircraft would finally carry them to Mexico today.’
    • ‘The situation has improved over the past few days with most of suspended flights being resumed and some chartered aircraft released.’
    • ‘It was unclear exactly how many people were on board the chartered aircraft.’
    • ‘In June 2003 a chartered helicopter cost £2,939 for a 50-mile trip to Oxford, when a train fare would have cost £97.’
    • ‘A Northumberland Police spokesman said he was part of a group diving from a locally chartered boat.’
    • ‘At the break of dawn, my chartered helicopter takes off with me sitting on top of dozens of boxes containing thousands of rose petals.’
    • ‘Lord Petre, Lord Lieutenant of Essex, then escorted the prince to his chartered helicopter.’
    • ‘If you arrive in your own or a chartered boat, you can drop anchor off the town or, a better choice, in sheltered Tyrrel Bay at the island's southwestern end.’
    • ‘When the rescue team and its equipment reach Norway they will embark in a chartered vessel, the Normand Pioneer, which is able to act as a mother ship for a rescue operation.’
    • ‘The company said it would operate about 80 percent of its normal schedule with its own aircraft, chartered planes and flights operated by other airlines at its request.’
    • ‘During the night the team and their equipment have been loaded onto the chartered vessel Normand Pioneer which will act as mother-ship for the British operation.’
    • ‘‘We knew where everyone was,’ says Draves, who used chartered buses and corporate aircraft to get the job done quickly.’
    • ‘There were 8,000 police on duty, and after the match, the Leeds fans were bussed to Istanbul airport amid tight security and flown out on chartered planes.’
    • ‘A chartered helicopter transported construction materials out to the uninhabited islet to allow the construction of the three metre high light.’
    • ‘Today they arrive by chartered buses, small planes, limos, and private cars.’