Definition of charterhouse in English:



  • A Carthusian monastery.

    • ‘In 1702 he was vicar at the charterhouse of Bruges.’
    • ‘It was Michael Northburgh who suggested to Mauny the foundation of a charterhouse and asked to be associated with it.’
    • ‘In 1695 he was transferred with his novices to the charterhouse of Brussels.’
    • ‘He founded a cell in both the London and the Coventry charterhouses, and was a visitor to, and benefactor of, the Hull charterhouse.’
    • ‘By contrast, the large figure paintings that he executed for the charterhouses of Granada and El Paular, near Segovia, are comparatively bland and conventional.’
    religious house, religious community


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman Chartous, Old French Chartreuse, from medieval Latin Carthusius, from Cart(h)usia (see Carthusian): assimilated to charter + house.