Definition of Chartist in English:


noun & adjective

See Chartism

  • ‘Unusually for a parliamentarian, his roots are sunk deep in the historical soil of extra-parliamentary rebellion, from the Chartists and the Tolpuddle Martyrs, to the Suffragettes and the anti-poll tax protesters.’
  • ‘The Chartists collected 250,000 signatures supporting their demands and, in 1839, presented a petition to the House of Commons which was rejected by 235 votes to 46.’
  • ‘The red flag fluttered over Sheffield town hall on May Day, a reminder of the city's radical past dating back to the Chartists.’
  • ‘But comparing these people with our low-turnout, low-commitment electorate, I felt the Chartists and suffragettes would recognise them as fellow spirits.’
  • ‘We all know there are laws that apply to planning applications, although if the suffragettes and Chartists had adopted an attitude of apathy and did not stand up to be counted all those years ago, we would not now have the vote.’