Definition of chase one's (own) tail in English:

chase one's (own) tail


  • Rush around ineffectually.

    ‘from continually chasing my tail and being late for everything, punctuality became second nature’
    • ‘I feel I'm achieving something, not chasing my tail all the time.’
    • ‘I want to meet a nice girl and settle down - sometimes I feel like I'm just chasing my tail.’
    • ‘Friday was one of those days when a candidate chases his tail.’
    • ‘But as you chase your own tail down a maze of electronic alleyways, you sometimes wonder where it's all going to end.’
    • ‘How many times have you said, or heard people say ‘I just don't seem to have the time ’, or ‘I chase my tail from morning till night’.’
    • ‘A. I do not think that you will be chasing your tail forever.’
    • ‘I don't have time to keep chasing my tail out here.’
    • ‘I was kind of like chasing my tail and trying to do the right thing, and was a little bit stupid.’
    • ‘Boy meets girl, fate intervenes, boy makes a pig's ear of it, and spends the rest of the film chasing his tail in a vain effort to recapture the fair maiden's heart.’
    • ‘Life seems a little hectic of late, though I'm not sure why, and I feel as though I have been chasing my own tail the last few days.’