Definition of chase rainbows (or a rainbow) in English:

chase rainbows (or a rainbow)


  • Pursue an illusory goal.

    ‘I couldn't afford to waste petrol chasing rainbows as far as Leeds and back’
    • ‘I'd certainly understand if this purported surgery turns out to be some kind of Internet urban legend and I'm chasing rainbows, but I wanted to ask a doctor for whom I have respect.’
    • ‘The latest EU attack on chemicals is just chasing rainbows.’
    • ‘In these times when so many seem to spend their lives chasing rainbows, we can reflect on the great faith and fortitude of those who went before us.’
    • ‘It made me feel like a man who, chasing rainbows, has had one of them suddenly turn and bite him in the leg.’
    • ‘They make personal decisions, just as do many in other walks of life, to chase rainbows, so let them take the consequences, just like a student who must pass annual examinations of suffer the consequences.’
    • ‘If the presence of the man who produced rank commercial potboilers at the film festival was construed a mismatch by many, he insisted he was not there to chase rainbows.’
    • ‘You belong here by your son's side to help him get better, not off chasing rainbows.’
    • ‘By my teen years I mostly figured out that my dad sent me chasing rainbows because he knew I'd never find the ends.’
    • ‘Everyone chases rainbows and ignores the low hanging fruit.’
    • ‘It makes all the sense in the world for them to refocus where they're strong, rather than chase rainbows.’
    • ‘"They are wasting money on IT consultants chasing another technology rainbow.’