Definition of chassé in English:


Pronunciation /SHaˈsā/ /ʃæˈseɪ/


  • A gliding step in dancing in which one foot displaces the other.

    ‘When they were all dancing together to the same beat and doing the same arabesques, chassés, pliés and pirouettes, the sound of their feet was not uniform as it should be, rather, it was the sound of a hail storm, everybody at a different beat.’
    • ‘The basic polka step consists of a preparatory hop followed by a chasse done first to the left and then to the right.’

intransitive verbchassés, chasséing, chasséd

[no object]
  • Perform a chassé.

    • ‘She jolted the swinging door but glanced not from side to side as she chasséed into that room.’


French, literally ‘chased’.