Definition of chaste tree in English:

chaste tree


  • A southern European shrub with blue or white flowers, grown as an ornamental.

    Vitex agnus-castus, family Verbenaceae

    • ‘Some of the herbs that are listed as ingredients include damiana, chaste tree, black cohosh and saw palmetto.’
    • ‘I have a chaste tree with a nice full shape, but the upper limbs seem spindly, and they all lean in one direction.’
    • ‘Eating a whole foods diet, trying acupuncture, and taking herbs like chaste tree (Virex agnus-castus) may, after several months, ease symptoms.’
    • ‘In a double-blind study published in the British Medical Journal last year, irritability and bloating decreased twice as much in women taking chaste tree as in a placebo group.’


Mid 16th century so named because of its association with chastity in sacrifices to Ceres.