Definition of chat group in English:

chat group


  • A group of people who communicate regularly via the internet, usually in real time but also by email.

    ‘The fans, who are members of a 175-strong e-mail chat group, have had pledges of £1,300 from all over the world.’
    • ‘Within a short time of the furore breaking in the British press, the letters to the editor pages and every curatorial email chat group was hard-wired into the controversy.’
    • ‘It is not a chat group, but a group where you'll get specific advice.’
    • ‘She started with a Melbourne-specific online chat group, but after going to one of their in-person gatherings, she realised there were a lot of people in Melbourne writing online journals.’
    • ‘Geri posts a note at least once a day to the chat group.’
    • ‘Instead of being a simple chat group for players to join in, it becomes meaningful and rewarding, up to a certain degree.’
    • ‘A consultant to the charity notes that advanced Internet features such as chat groups or video conferencing are rarely used due to technological and economic constraints.’
    • ‘The study used an Internet-based survey questionnaire posted to Internet chat groups for three popular television programs.’
    • ‘Unlike internet chat groups - which are content to stay in the virtual world - these sites use the web as a tool to facilitate face-to-face interactions.’
    • ‘Many frequent users of email and chat groups tend to seek out only like-minded individuals.’
    • ‘The new guidelines will allow FBI agents to monitor political gatherings, Internet sites and chat groups, libraries and churches.’
    • ‘The officials also plan to boost traffic by adding chat groups, message boards and other community features to their flagship site later this year.’
    • ‘The site features chat groups to share information with other entrepreneurs and provides an on-line opportunity to get expert answers to your business questions.’
    • ‘They must determine the kind of buyers that are in the market, something that can only be gleaned through surveys, interviews, chat groups and cross-referencing.’
    • ‘Comprehensive connectivity will lead us to interact, massively and in new ways - think of a space somewhere between auction websites, chat groups and games.’
    • ‘I have a website and do sell from it, but other than the chat groups I have membership in, I do little business online.’
    • ‘These on-line resources offer inspirational messages, chat groups and support.’
    • ‘Features such as strong authentication can then be added for sensitive chat groups.’